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Fri-Yay! Weekly Recap!

Fri-yay! Weekly Recap #15!

Fri-yay! Weekly Recap #15!

We are here to serve up another weekly dose of random facts from Megan and James Land that we just want you to know about! Basically we do these recaps so you don't have to Facebook-stalk us all week like a bunch of weirdos! Although, we are total Facebook-stalkers too, so I guess we'll jump on board the weirdo train with y'all and enjoy the ride!  

First off, Eli had his first soccer game of the season last weekend. Poor guy was recovering from a cold/virus/death-plague/James Earl Jones as Darth Vader voiceover kinda thing, but he still went out and gave it his best! His team won 4-0 which was fun to watch and he thought it was the best thing ever. He didn't score goal, but there may or may not be a $5 pay out if he does this week. In other news, children's sports are always such a refining process for the parents. I keep reliving my old soccer days and trying to help but then I get scowled at and told to "be quiet" by my kid. Doesn't he know I'm just trying to help??

Second fun Fri-yay fact...this weekend were getting our family photos done and I've been in stress mode trying to find outfits for everyone. I try my hardest to follow all my rules, especially the one about not stressing out, but somehow I still found myself running through 3 stores the other day in the 45 minutes I had until the kids got off school to find just the right shirts for the boys and dresses in the right sizes. In the end though, I only bought Eli's shirt and Olivia's dress, pretty good if you ask me! 


Speaking of what to wear, this week we finished up our final blog post in our series "What to wear Wednesdays." It was all about letting your kids personality shine through in your photos. We love kids, we love their spunk, and we want to see it on camera! We also talked about the importance of matching your outfit colors to your house colors. Pretty genius if you ask us! When you get your photos back and you put them up on your walls, it becomes your art in your home. You invested time and money into it, so you should be proud to throw those beautiful images up on your walls! We want to make it easy on our clients to figure out what to wear so if you want a copy of our Portrait Session Style Guide we would love to send it to you! Just write us at hello@meganandjamesphotography or sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage and we will gladly send it your way! It's our free gift to you just for signing up! 

That's it for now! We have another exciting weekend ahead with soccer games, weddings, and sessions. It's going to be a good one! Be safe and have a great weekend! 

Fri-yay!! Weekly Recap #14

Fri-yay!! Weekly Recap #14

What can we say about this week other than it's over and we're sorta glad? We survived sick kids and missed school, but the beginning of another month upon us! So we are saying, goodbye September! Hello October! Nothing against September, but usually by the time it rolls around, we're done with the heat and we're ready for cooler weather and fall family sessions! Not to mention Pumpkin Spice everything. Seriously pumpkin spice has like taken over the internet so we're jumping on the bandwagon y'all (insert James' frowny face here..."Ugh, pumpkin spice is gross")! We are so excited about these next two months. We can't wait to see so many new and old faces and hug all you beautiful people, of our friends told us this week that we aren't "huggers" so it's time to change the gameplan around here and practice our huggin' skills. We'll be ready for hugger prime time come January. You can count on it.

October means...COOLER WEATHER! Hallelujah!  This means breakfast and dinner outside and we are super excited about that! Last May we did a backyard refresh and since then its been hot so we haven't had a chance to really enjoy it. So now that it's nice outside its like we've come out of reverse hibernation! As much as we love swimming and summer, this weather has our hearts all aflutter and is so refreshing! No more vitamin D deficiency around here! Woot woot! 


We took the plunge and sent out our first ever newsletter last week and we were blown away at the response! We truly appreciate the heck out of each and every one of our clients and we are so excited to be getting back into the crazy madness of the fall portrait season.

With that said, we have some good news and bad news...which do you want first?! Ok, bad news first. Like we said, we got such an overwhelming response from our last newsletter that our Mini Session dates are completely full! Crazy, right?! Within a week we completely booked all of our available mini session times! Did we mention how awesome our clients are? Sadly, we had to turn some of you away because we just didn't have anymore room!

Now for the good news! We seriously can't disappoint you all. We just love you too much. More than a few of you have asked if we were going to open up any more dates for mini sessions and who are we to say no?! You asked, so we delivered!

We have added just ONE last date for mini sessions to the calendar! This is it people! And we mean it this time! So if you need that extra special Christmas card family photo this year, you better hop to it and set up your mini session ASAP! All of our other mini session dates filled up within a week, so you can expect this final date to fill up in a couple days.

Our final date for mini sessions will be:


Seriously don't wait. These mini session spots won't last long.

And don't forget, if mini sessions aren't your thing, you can always book the super high-end, luxury, personalized, ultra-awesome, deluxe full session experience complete with a super fun Premier Night including cocktails and dessert! Check out our investment page for details!

Have a great weekend! We're off to soccer games, laundry, time with friends, and the start of fall sessions! 

Fri-Yay! Weekly Recap #13

Fri-Yay! Weekly Recap #13

Hey it's Fri-yay and were here counting down the minutes until it's the weekend! And since it's already almost 4pm that means it's almost the weekend!

Last Saturday we celebrated our youngest son's birthday! Titus is now 3, yippee! We know everyone says this but where does the time go?? Three years old means we are finally, after 9 years, all out of diapers, cribs, diaper bags, and all things baby. We have given away all the baby stuff and we are mighty happy about that thank you very much! We had a little party with some of our friends and family, where we we all got run over by cars and trucks because...that's what three year old boys like ;). We also did something a little different and had an ice cream sundae bar instead of a cake. When you're allergic to life like Titus, then you have get creative! Everyone loved it and it saved me hours of stress and time... bonus! 

We are so proud of our little man, he is so funny, cracks us up all the time, and really is the perfect caboose to our crazy train. Happy Birthday Buddy!

Yesterday was National Coffee day and we celebrated because...COFFEE. We got out the fancy cups, drank an extra cup for good measure, and got more work done then we did all week. Boom. Thank you coffee for existing and for being awesome. We love you...XOXO.

On Monday we crossed another parenting milestone off the list. We got a phone call from Eli's principal. Yup, you read that right, the principal. Apparently he tried to be MacGyver and open his class room lock with a stick. Then it broke. In the lock. Thankfully, they were able to fix the lock and not much harm was done but it still earned him a visit and then we got the call. He ended up apologizing to his whole class and his principal was super sweet and encouraging but it was still a tough night. Obviously he still has a ways to go before he can defuse a nuclear bomb while tied to a chair with only a ballpoint pen and a pair of sunglasses.

 If we are being honest this week hasn't been the best. Parenting while trying to run a super fancy photography business is hard. Somedays we work all day and feel like we are taking two steps back. We question sending our kids to school (instead of homeschooling) and pray the whole way that we are making the right decision. The struggle is real when we are taking care of sick kids while we schedule client meetings. BUT... aren't you glad there is always a BUT... at the end of the day, or week in this case, what matters is that we are a family and we have each other. We are sticking together, praying and supporting one another, answering emails and taking turns tucking in kids when they get up...for the 14th time. We know we are serving our clients to the best of our abilities and making sure their needs and biggest wants are being met and that makes it all worth it. It's a crazy ride but it is seriously the best ride we've been on. We are creating something amazing and we know it will benefit everyone we have the honor of working with and that is worth every bad week.  

So heres to a weekend off with the kids, no school, no schedules, relaxing on the couch, eating cookies, drinking coffee, doing some location scouting and just enjoying one another. Because in the end, we are family and we're in this together.