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Fri-Yay! Weekly Recap #13

Fri-Yay! Weekly Recap #13

Hey it's Fri-yay and were here counting down the minutes until it's the weekend! And since it's already almost 4pm that means it's almost the weekend!

Last Saturday we celebrated our youngest son's birthday! Titus is now 3, yippee! We know everyone says this but where does the time go?? Three years old means we are finally, after 9 years, all out of diapers, cribs, diaper bags, and all things baby. We have given away all the baby stuff and we are mighty happy about that thank you very much! We had a little party with some of our friends and family, where we we all got run over by cars and trucks because...that's what three year old boys like ;). We also did something a little different and had an ice cream sundae bar instead of a cake. When you're allergic to life like Titus, then you have get creative! Everyone loved it and it saved me hours of stress and time... bonus! 

We are so proud of our little man, he is so funny, cracks us up all the time, and really is the perfect caboose to our crazy train. Happy Birthday Buddy!

Yesterday was National Coffee day and we celebrated because...COFFEE. We got out the fancy cups, drank an extra cup for good measure, and got more work done then we did all week. Boom. Thank you coffee for existing and for being awesome. We love you...XOXO.

On Monday we crossed another parenting milestone off the list. We got a phone call from Eli's principal. Yup, you read that right, the principal. Apparently he tried to be MacGyver and open his class room lock with a stick. Then it broke. In the lock. Thankfully, they were able to fix the lock and not much harm was done but it still earned him a visit and then we got the call. He ended up apologizing to his whole class and his principal was super sweet and encouraging but it was still a tough night. Obviously he still has a ways to go before he can defuse a nuclear bomb while tied to a chair with only a ballpoint pen and a pair of sunglasses.

 If we are being honest this week hasn't been the best. Parenting while trying to run a super fancy photography business is hard. Somedays we work all day and feel like we are taking two steps back. We question sending our kids to school (instead of homeschooling) and pray the whole way that we are making the right decision. The struggle is real when we are taking care of sick kids while we schedule client meetings. BUT... aren't you glad there is always a BUT... at the end of the day, or week in this case, what matters is that we are a family and we have each other. We are sticking together, praying and supporting one another, answering emails and taking turns tucking in kids when they get up...for the 14th time. We know we are serving our clients to the best of our abilities and making sure their needs and biggest wants are being met and that makes it all worth it. It's a crazy ride but it is seriously the best ride we've been on. We are creating something amazing and we know it will benefit everyone we have the honor of working with and that is worth every bad week.  

So heres to a weekend off with the kids, no school, no schedules, relaxing on the couch, eating cookies, drinking coffee, doing some location scouting and just enjoying one another. Because in the end, we are family and we're in this together. 


What to Wear Wednesday 3rd Edition

What to Wear Wednesday 3rd Edition

It's mid-week, so you know what that means...What to wear Wednesday is back to help you know what to wear so you can look your best without the stress! If you missed the first two installments of our little blog mini-series, the first edition is here and the second edition is here. Today we have a few more tips to help you look fabulous for your photo session. So let's get right to it, shall we?

Layers, layers, and more layers...YES even in Arizona! When you wear layers, it creates visual interest and dimension to your photo. Pick out a fun scarf for your dress, or a vest for your hubby.  Sweaters with layered shirts not only gives you the chance to include a coordinating color but it also adds an extra bit of “pop” to an outfit making it more visually appealing.  A great fitted jacket can add so much dimension to an outfit, whether it be for your husband or you! You can also add a bow tie and suspenders, the possibilities are endless! 

*Likewise, using accessories like necklaces, bows, hats, or bracelets adds texture and helps make the photo go from "blah" to beautiful. I love finding a big chunky necklace in a fun color for my photo shoots. You can find some classy, affordable options at Charming Charlies or Forever 21! Also, don't be afraid to check out your local Goodwill, you'd be surprised what you can find! While you’re there get one for your daughter, I guarantee she will love it too! 

* Speaking of your daughter, bows and headbands are perfect for adding more style and personality to your kiddos. They give you one more way to add a color for pop or you can make it match and really tie the whole outfit together. Make sure the bow isn’t too big. We don't want it to distract from her beautiful face...sometimes going big isn’t always better! 

*Finally, no white sneakers or running shoes! Wear shoes that you love! Shoes that have bright colors really add some personality. Classy, vintage, or solid color canvas shoes like Converse can be good options if you're looking for footwear that's comfortable but still looks good on camera. You can also choose a great pair of distressed boots, colorful ballet flats, high heels, sandals with straps, or platforms, and don't be afraid to show your personality!  

Here's a great example of a sweet family that integrated layers and colors into their clothes.  Big sister is wearing big boots and a vest with that fun “pop” of color. Baby brother is wearing a sweater to create more layers. You can see their colors, blue, tan and gray with that “pop” of maroon. Mom also has a great necklace and a hat in some of the photos! 

 See!! It doesn’t have to be fancy or hard to figure out. This mom said her daughter wanted to wear that outfit so she built everyone else's off of it! No fuss and no stress! It really can be done! 

Come back next week because we have more!! We really do want to help you have a stress free experience, so if there is anything you need please let us know! We still have some spots left, although we are filling up fast! Contact us for dates this fall, we can't wait to see all of you! 

Olivia's 2016 Dance Recital

Olivia's 2016 Dance Recital

We all have pictures in our heads that we will never be able to erase. Sometimes it's good, other times it's bad. We all look back at certain moments in our lives that shaped us. Moments we cherish forever because things were "just right." This past week we had the opportunity to file away a few of those precious moments in our minds.

Our one and only daughter Olivia had her dance recital this past Saturday, and despite a few minor mishaps, which we will gladly share in a minute, it was a truly memorable experience. We sat in the audience with tears in our eyes to celebrate all the hard work she put into learning ballet over the last year or so.

Truth be told, it wasn't all glitter and princess sparkles that day. We spent most of Thursday night and Friday dealing with Olivia being sick and exhausted. We had nightmarish visions of Olivia walking out on stage and projectile vomiting all over it. Thankfully, our worst fears were never realized and she made it through her entire performance without redecorating the auditorium in regurgitated breakfast foods. Dodged that bullet. Whew!

The next little "hiccup" we encountered was the fact that the tickets we purchased were for seats that didn't actually exist. We had mistakenly purchased "wheelchair access" space (thankfully we weren't the only ones who made this little boo boo) when we purchased our tickets online. So we showed up, sat in some seats we thought were ours, because who sells tickets for seats that aren't really there?! Then were told not so politely by a guy who looked like an "extra-large" version of Colonel Sanders that we were in his seat. I was about to tell him we would give up his seat for a bucket of fried chicken and a few biscuits, but decided that probably wouldn't go over too well. Instead, I got up and found an usher to help us find our seats. Score one point for keeping calm under pressure, although I'm still wondering if we could have gotten a free 10-piece out of this whole ordeal. Oh well, hindsight is always 20/20. Either way, the usher helped us find our real, non-existent seats and was very polite in procuring a couple of folding chairs to put where our invisible seats were supposed to be located. After much wandering, question-asking, and fried chicken dreaming, we were seated and ready for the show!

And what a show it was! Olivia looked absolutely stunning that day. We will never be able to get her beautiful face, or her magical performance out of our minds for as long as we live. She danced with style and grace, and (in our extremely impartial opinion) was the most beautiful girl on stage that day. She is growing so fast and we can't help but wonder how many more of these "burned in your memory forever" moments we have left. We know that we are going to wake up one day, and she will be grown and gone. A beautiful, gracious, kind woman who knows how to fill any situation with life and joy. She really is full of passion and joy and is undeniably one of the most radiant human beings we have ever met. She keeps us grounded and forces us to remember daily that life is too short to always be worried about always following all the rules and doing everything perfectly. Her wild and free spirit is exactly what we need sometimes, and we pray everyday that she keeps that spirit for the rest of her life. We also pray that maybe a little bit of her will rub off on us too, and that we would enjoy everyday with as much passion, joy, and unbridled abandon as she does. We love you Olivia and we are so proud of you and who you have become!