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Super Cute Valentine's Day Kissing Booth Mini Session in North Phoenix!

Super Cute Valentine's Day Kissing Booth Mini Session in North Phoenix!

Whelp, it's ALREADY Valentine's Day 2017 and we're over here like, where in the blazes did January go?! Despite the fact that time seems to be speeding up and our three beautiful kids won't stop growing, we took Valentine's Day minis to a whole new level this year! We have such amazing, handy friends (*cough You're the best Jo! *cough*) who built us this super cute kissing booth just for this fun little occasion!

We rounded up the kids, blew threw homework (we might have given them a few answers to speed up the process), and rushed over to one of our favorite local spots before the light faded! And holy sweet, golden sun are we GLAD we did! It almost didn't happen! The struggle was REAL to get these school-dazed kids out the door before that sunset. But we made it by the skin of our sugar coated teeth!

Everyone pitched in to make this one of our most memorable and fun mini sessions yet. Our oldest was such a great helper. He took charge and had so much fun role-playing and getting the two little ones to play along! The other two took the bait and were hooked. It also helped that we had jars of candy lying around everywhere. Our daughter is a woman after her mother's heart and couldn't keep her hands out of the candy jars though! And our poor youngest forgot all his money at home. Thankfully, his older brother and sister were willing to sneak a few chubby cheek kisses, free of charge!

We hope you have as much fun this Valentine's Day as we did doing this photo shoot. Find someone you love, hold them close, and don't be afraid to give out a few kisses free of charge too! Happy Valentine's Day lovebirds!