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Fri-yay weekly Recap #18!

Fri-yay weekly Recap #18!

Fri-yay is back like Marty and Doc, y'all! We've had a fun-filled week of costume parties, sugar comas, and hooking up our clients with some awesome photo swag! So read on...if you dare...(sorry, still in Halloween mode).

We had so much fun shooting a corporate Halloween party this past Friday night at University of Phoenix stadium! Sadly, despite us now being a full-fledged Cardinals family, we'd never been to the stadium before. We had the privilege of getting a tour of the facility and hanging out with Big Red for a couple hours. It was so cool to see the press box, visiting locker room, and all the other behind the scenes stuff. All in all, it was a great time to hang out and any time we get to work side by side, it's really one of our favorite parts of our job!

The kids dressed up for Halloween in a "unique" assortment of characters this year. Themes went out the window as each kid decided on their own costume by themselves and, like we said last week, our give a care about Halloween was broken! Cowgirl?! Yes ma'am! Super Mario?! Fine by us! Bumblebee? Right on! The kids had a blast and so did we. If you missed our Halloween recap, check it out from earlier this week. 

Finally, we were so pleased to present our clients with some truly beautiful photo albums and framed prints this week! These professionally printed photo albums really are a thing to behold. We know that most of you out there are busy with work, school, activities, and life in general. That's why we absolutely LOVE coming alongside our clients to take away some of their burden by helping them celebrate their family through photographic art. We find so much joy in being able to work with families to leave their legacy for the next generation by creating quality photographic art that will truly last a lifetime. If you are one of the busy ones that can never find the time to take photos, print photos, hang photos, or even think about photos, go ahead and tap that contact us link...we really do love helping and would love to help you too!

Have a safe and happy weekend everyone! We'll catch you all next week!