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Fri-yay! Weekly Recap #5!

Fri-yay! Weekly Recap #5!

Oh this week...where did it go? Some weeks are just like that. You wake up on Friday and you're like, "What happened?!" Which isn't necessarily a bad thing considering Monday-Thursday are like the weekly version of eating all your broccoli before you can have chocolate cake. Our week was full of fun with friends, meetings with clients, and a little bit of comedy.

A couple of weeks ago, we went over to one of our kids school friend's houses, let the kids run around like a bunch of hooligans, and drank 3 in the afternoon...because, hey it's FRIDAY! It's 5 o'clock somewhere right?! It turned into such a fun evening with good friends, good wine, and a good meal that we decided to recreate it again this past Friday! After two weeks in a row, our little Wineday...errr...we mean Friday get togethers are pretty much a tradition. Lucky for us, today is Friday again, so you know where we'll be around 3 o'clock this afternoon!

Megan enjoyed an almost truly epic Mother's Day this past Sunday. The kids and I had grand plans of showering mommy with gifts, making her the breakfast of her dreams, and pretty much being completely silent all day long so that she could fall in an out of sleep whenever her little mommy heart desired. Unfortunately, life has a funny way of ruining even the best laid plans. *insert sad face here* We were still able to shower her with gifts and make her a delicious French Toast breakfast, but cleaning up projectile vomit at midnight the night before, kind of puts a damper on your fancy plans for Mother's Day. Seriously, how is it biologically possible to get barf on the ceiling?! Too much information? Whoops! Oh well. There's always next year when we are going to try to successfully implement this plan:

We were out for a quick shopping trip the other day and lets just say this guy was TJ-Maxxed Out. Poor fella. If I didn't have three kids constantly bombarding me with questions, I'd be right there next to him. You, sir, are my hero. A true gentleman and a scholar, as they say. Or perhaps this guy was just up all night the night before cleaning up barf off the ceiling. Sorry, did I ruin your lunch again?!

Finally, we had the honor of meeting with some truly amazing brides this past week. Megan put her heart and soul into creating some truly beautiful wedding consultation packets. I'm truly blown away at her creativity and passion for what she does sometimes. She really loves what she does and it shows in the way she pursues her passion with everything she has. Our brides loved them and we can't wait to share them with more of our brides soon!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!


Fri-yay! Weekly Recap #4!

Fri-yay! Weekly Recap #4!

Attention!! Its FRI-YAY! Another week is in the books and we are excited for the weekend! Not only does it mean rain (fingers crossed) but Sunday is Mother's Day and that is something to be excited for! We started out the week celebrating with the Gibbons family. If you haven't checked out their post, you should... seven beautiful, well behaved kids is reason enough to go check them out!  

This week we celebrated May the 4th (unofficial Star Wars Day for the uninitiated out there), by watching too much Star Wars. Ok, full disclosure, we watch too much Star Wars every day, thanks to the three miniature Jedi we have running around. In honor of May the 4th, we found this ridiculously awesome family shoot a couple weeks ago, and we figured this week was the perfect week to share it with you! How cute is that little BB-8?!

photo credit:  RLphotoArt

photo credit: RLphotoArt

We've been having British television drama withdrawals since Downton Abbey ended a while ago, so this week we decided to get our binge-watch on and re-watch Sherlock. We are officially going on record to say...This. Show. Is. Awesome. Every time we watch this show, we go around scrutinizing people's shirt collars, fingernails, wrist watches, and shoe laces as we channel our inner Sherlock. Unfortunately, we haven't solved any crimes yet, but there's still time. We only finished re-watching Season 1. Don't be alarmed when, by the end of the third season, we will be able to look at your hair and what shoes you're wearing and know that you just came from Starbucks, ordered a Venti Caramel White Mocha with light Whipped Cream and an extra shot, and that you're having meatloaf for dinner at 6:12pm. 

Finally, we did our own little Mother's Day shoot this week. If you missed our true confession on Instagram you need to check it out. Don't let these photos fool you, these little angels are not fans of getting their photos taken. With photographers as parents they're just going to have to live with it...either that or they'll be discussing it with a therapist one day. 


Megan is truly the most amazing mom in the history of the planet. I'm not biased at all either. She spends every waking moment (and sometimes her non-waking moments too...hello, Barfpocalypse 2016. Yea, that happened.) serving, loving, caring, growing, teaching, feeding, hugging, kissing, band-aiding, tickling, nurturing, dressing, wiping, coaching, praying, and any other "-ing" you can think of with these three cute little bundles of chaos. There are days she's exhausted and is at the end of her rope, but she keeps going. How she does it, I'll never know. She's truly an astounding human being who loves her kids more than life itself and I'm honored to call her my wife. God is good for bringing her to me and I thank Him everyday. Our three kids are extremely blessed to have a mom who loves them as much as she does.

Hug your mother this weekend, and if you can't, hug a friend with kids, or if you have no friends with kids, hug a random mom at the store. Because, well, Mom's are awesome.

Cheers to Moms! Have a safe and happy weekend!

The Gibbons Family

The Gibbons Family

Every mother is special and deserves WAY more recognition and praise for the amazing work they do on a daily basis. Motherhood is the most valuable, precious job in the world. Without it, human civilization would literally cease to exist. So when we did our Mother's Day Mini Session Giveaway this year, we prayed that it would go to a couple of extra-deserving moms and that would be truly blessed by having pictures of them and their kids during this special season of life.

So when we (our youngest, Titus, may have helped) picked a name out of a hat, we were thrilled to learn that Mary Gibbons and her SEVEN children were one of our winners! We were so excited to meet her and her amazing kids. As we said earlier, every mother is special but a mother of seven kids is like a real life Wonder Woman...although we're pretty sure Wonder Woman didn't have any kids, so basically what we're saying is that Mary is more wonderful than Wonder Woman! Sadly, they don't make comic books for moms...but they should for this amazing mom! She was so patient and full of grace and she was truly inspiring. As parents of three kids, we truly admired her poise and gentle spirit during our shoot. Shoots can be stressful sometimes, especially with little ones, and she was calm, collected, and looked absolutely gorgeous the whole time. Thanks for being an awesome mom Mary! We were honored to take photos of such an exemplary woman, wife, and mother!