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Fri-yay! Weekly Recap #8!

Fri-yay! Weekly Recap #8!

So before you get all Judgy McJudgerson on us, we know, we know...we missed last week! Sometimes, life just happens, ya know? And by "life" we mean it was like 117 degrees and we spent the weekend sipping mojitos by the pool. Sometimes, you just gotta sip a mojito and take a week off.  But now we're back, ready to give you the low down on the last week or so!

Last weekend we celebrated the birthday of one of Titus' little buddies. The party was downright epic. I simply have four words for you: Gigantic. Blow-up. Bouncy. Waterslide.


Megan spent the first half of the week in all-day meetings, getting ready for the upcoming school year. She is planning on doing some tutoring for our homeschool group this fall and was learning about the new material and doing some training. Yes, we homeschool. No, we aren't weird. There are no Canadian Tuxedos in this house, thank you very much! 

So while Megan was learning about participles and adverbs, I got my Dad on, and watched the kids for three days! Let me first just say, as we've said before, Momming is NO JOKE. Being a mom is 100%, without a doubt, the toughest job EVER in the history of the universe. I was humbled by all the work Megan does on a daily basis to keep these three tiny humans fed, clean, know...alive. Not to mention they usually learn stuff, are happy, and somehow are growing up to be pretty darn awesome. How she does it, I'll never know. Mind. Blown.

Now, once I got over the initial shock of the sheer amount of awesomeness Megan must possess on a daily basis, we got down to business. The first day, I took Eli, Olivia, and one of Eli's best friends to mythical wonderland known as Dave and Buster's. HOLY CASINO FOR KIDS, Batman! This place was unreal. Flashing lights, tickets flying everywhere, kids shouting for joy, food and drinks galore! The only thing missing was a ridiculously expensive stage show. I mean, if they could find a way to fit a Cirque Du Soleil into one of these places, it would be like Vegas for kids. All in all, it was a pretty good time and the kids had a blast and walked away with some cool prizes. So next time it's 115 degrees and I want to take out a second mortgage for two hours of fun, I'll be heading back to Dave and Buster's!

Day two was not quite as eventful. We chilled out, trashed the house, and watched Zootopia (great movie, btw). We successfully wore out our PJ's that day. I'd show you a picture of all of us in our PJ's watching movies, but this is family establishment and we're trying to keep things PG around here. Awkward. Ok moving on...

Day three of being Mr. Mom, we did our best to embrace the heat! Unfortunately, responsibility prohibits Mojito drinking by a pool when you're the only parent on duty, which is kind of a shame. So we improvised! Now that our backyard is done, we put our new grass to good use by getting the hose out and soaking each other! We played games and spent most of the day basically annihilating each other with the garden hose. A little word of advice: the "Jet" setting is not for the faint of heart. Who knew water coming out of a hose could make a grown man cry?! Thankfully, there were other hose settings available and we all survived the great garden hose battle with limited scars, bumps, and bruises. In my mind, any activity without blood being drawn is a success in my book!

So there you have it! We will be back again next week to tell you about dance recitals, birthday parties, and any other exciting adventures that might pop up in the meantime! Have a safe and happy weekend!