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What To Wear Wednesday! - Helping you dress your best for your upcoming Fall Photo Experience!

What To Wear Wednesday! - Helping you dress your best for your upcoming Fall Photo Experience!

What to wear Wednesday!

Fall is here! And with fall comes fall family sessions! Time to round up your kids, try to find something to wear, and then load up on the bribes...err...treats for smiles and good attitudes. We know everyone stresses over what to wear. We get it. We've been there, done that. But what if we told you you DON'T have to stress OR buy a whole new wardrobe for your whole family! WHAT? Yea you heard that right. We have always been on some sort of a budget, and have learned to use what we have and purchase what we need to create beautiful images that we display our walls for years. So never fear! We have good news for you! For the next few weeks we will be sharing what we've learned over the years to help you look your best for your upcoming Family Portrait Session. We are calling our new mini series "What to Wear Wednesday!" Because, you know, alliteration always makes all the things awesomer. ;-)

Wear what FITS and what you feel great in! 

Do you have a favorite dress, shirt, or pair of pants that you love over anything else? You know the one. That dress that makes you feel like a supermodel, or that shirt that makes you feel classy and beautiful? If so, WEAR it! We all have that part of our bodies that we aren’t in love with. So wear something that you feel most comfortable in! Don’t be afraid to show off the parts you love! Likewise, don't wear something that is too tight or too loose. Baggy shirts tend to add width and bulk which aren't always flattering on camera. If something is too tight it can look “uncomfortable” as you try and look “natural” during your photo shoot.


Here are a few more helpful tips to make you and your family look absolutely amazing on portrait day...

* Skinny jeans are flattering on most women, even the curvy ones! Pair them with cute heels or wedges, and your legs look a mile long. 

* Maxi dresses are flattering on every body type. Keep that in mind while shopping! Maxi dresses are usually a slam dunk for shoots, and they’re so versatile. Add a belt or a statement necklace for extra flair!

* Another great tip is to take a friend along shopping with you. They can see you from every angle when trying on clothes and can sometimes see you better than you can see yourself. If he/she tells you it looks great, believe them! Sometimes we can be our own worst critics.

*Kid Tip: Buy your kiddos clothes that fit them now, as opposed to something they might "grow into." They will look better and feel more comfortable, which is huge for kids! Also, try and make sure they love what you picked out, because grumpy kids can make your shoot more stressful for everyone.

We hope this helps get you started! Remember start with what you HAVE and then build around that. Whenever we do family shoots I grab one thing I love and then move to the next closet and find what works with it. It's best to always start with you as the parents because your clothes are bigger and usually a bit more expensive. Chances are you already have something that you love and that you feel great in. Then move to the kids' closets and start finding complimentary pieces! Easy, right?!

We'll be back next week with a few more tips. Our goal is to be there for our clients and to help them have a stress free family portrait experience this year! 

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