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Miss K. is Now Six Months Old!

Miss K. is Now Six Months Old!

Miss K. and her sweet gummy smile melted our hearts from the moment she came in the door! We loved seeing her again three months after her last photos, she has gotten so big and even more beautiful! Since it's Phoenix and its a million degrees outside we decided to set up a small indoor studio and we are so glad we did! We are so excited about expanding our business to support studio photos in our home, it's something we have been wanting to do for a while, and we are so glad we finally got a chance to give it a shot! Miss K. was our perfect little angel to test it out on. She was so patient and easy to work with...just like her mama! She rocked her smile, a little attitude (hello adorable!) and practiced sitting up like such a big girl! We also can't go on without talking about about her sweet Momma Megan (Who also has an awesome name, btw...). She was so flexible and willing to try it something new with us, and even brought some of her own props from her baby shower! We love our clients, we love getting to know their families, we love building relationships, and getting to know them more than as just "clients." Becoming friends, laughing throughout photo shoots, planning fun new ideas, working together to complete the vision we have in our heads, that's what makes the whole experience worth it! 

We cannot wait to see Miss. K again! These milestone Minis are quickly becoming our new favorites. It's like getting the benefits of having a new squishy baby to squeeze but without all the sleepless nights and responsibility! See you again in a few months sweet girl. Thank you for your bright smile! 

Its a....

Its a....

This weekend we had the opportunity to attend and photograph our friends and past clients gender reveal party! We were so honored two months ago when they asked us to capture their pregnancy announcement, so when they asked us to capture their gender revel party, we were thrilled! Christine told us her idea and we couldn't believe how fun and creative it was! She planned on using pink or blue silly string to reveal the gender of the baby. They had to wait five days to find out what they are having after their sonogram, so they trusted a best friend with the news and she implemented the plan. Best. Friend. Ever. We want to know how in the world she kept the secret from EVERYONE! Full disclosure, keeping secrets is not our strongest attribute! We're seriously horrible at Christmas or birthdays. We just can't keep it in, but we are so glad Christine has a good BFF who can! 

We loved being a part of this exciting day. We loved watching new grandparents jump up and down with excitement. We loved watching all of their friends be apart of the thrill of finding out together. We also can't wait to meet the new Ms. Glomski! Congrats you two!


GIRL!!! YAY!! Pink everywhere, bows and dresses, smiles and kisses. 

This little boy cracked us, this is Megan's exact face when James catches her sneaking another cookie.. or three. It says, "what... Im not eating all the frosting... move along!"

We are so excited for Drew and Christine and their new little Princess, we KNOW they are going to be awesome parents and make the cutest, happiness, sweetest little girl ever! 

Olivia turns 6!

Olivia turns 6!

Six years ago today, our one and only daughter, Olivia, was born. We love and cherish every moment she has been with us for the last six years. Those six years have been pretty eventful with this adorable little girl. The moment she came into this world she was a handful, albeit a pretty darn cute handful.  She came out literally kicking, crying, and screaming. As I stood there in the delivery room holding my brand new, precious baby girl, while the doctors and nurses care for her mommy, I couldn't help but wonder what on earth she was so mad about?! She was born into a family that loves her beyond all measure and would do anything for her. She had a mom and a dad who loved each other, loved her, and a big brother who looked out for her (and a future little brother who absolutely adores her!). Then I realized after like 10 minutes of incessant screaming, and uncontrollable wailing, that she was probably just cold, and hungry (nothing's changed after 6 years!), and wanted her mommy. Sure enough, after a few minutes of crying at a volume that would give jumbo jet a run for it's money, I handed her over to her mom and all was right in her world again.

But the best part of this kid is that the fun didn't stop there. She's the sweetest, fiercest, most helpful, loving little girl we know (no bias whatsoever in that, or any remaining statement regarding our daughter...seriously). We have six years of stories to share, but unfortunately we can't fit them all into a single blog post. So consider this the "highlight reel".

Last year she was in her first ever dance recital. It was as ridiculously cute as you would expect a five year old dance recital to be. Her and five of her little friends all dressed up in little tutus, dancing on a gigantic stage in front of like 1000 people to The Beach Boys. Like I said, on the cuteness scale, this thing was turned up to 11. What made it even more impressive was that, somehow, amidst her performing her unbelievably cute dance routine, she managed to ALSO wave the whole time and yell "Hi Daddy!" simultaneously! Commence nuclear cuteness meltdown. And then, as if the cuteness apocalypse had not already occurred, she insisted she wear her dance recital costume to Costco the next day so that "All the people at Costco can tell me how cute I am." Have you ever seen an angel eat a Costco hotdog? I did that day, and it was spectacular.

Who could forget the time we signed her up for soccer, and she spent the whole time running around telling all the kids the proper way to kick the ball. Obviously she was practicing her exceptional mommy and/or future CEO skills early on. Hey someone has to take over this photography business of ours when we die, right?! 

She adores her big brother and tries to be just like him. What other little girl do you know, that asks to have her hair put into a tri-bun just like Rey from the new Star Wars movie? There may be another girl out there, but I guarantee you they're not as cute (see, I told you no bias here).

Everyday, I come home from work to a new little "gift" she has made me out of torn up tissues, construction paper, glue/staples/tape, and scribbled all over it, it says, "I love you Daddy!" They may look like scraps of paper to some people, but to me those bits of paper are worth more than $100 bills.

She's addicted to shoes (seriously forget a college fund, we had to start a footwear fund), loves to dress up, and learned to ride a bike in less than 4 seconds (although she claims less than 2 seconds!). She loves to read, create, and is the best funny face maker this side of the Mississippi.

We wouldn't change a thing over the last six years...well maybe all that screaming when she was born, or the stitches that resulted from her hurling a squirt gun at her big brother's face...but other than that, she's perfect. She is absolutely perfectly made by our Creator and we are so thankful for everyday we get to spend with such an amazing human being.

I think often about the day I will have to walk this feisty, loving, funny, caring, resourceful, creative, smart, wonderful little girl down the aisle and give her away. I can't wait for that day to come, and to see her grown into the amazing woman I know she will be. And yet, I never want these moments we have now to end. Someday when she's glowing in her stunning white gown, her arm draped in mine, as we walk slowly down the aisle, part of me will want to pick her up, throw her on my back, and go back to the time of piggy back rides, light-saber duels, tissue/construction paper/staples cards, and spontaneous after-dinner dance parties. The other part of me will be bawling uncontrollable tears of joy, excitement, and pride in the person she has become. I should probably start stock piling tissues now. We love you Olivia, and no matter how old you get, you will always be our amazing six year old girl. Happy Birthday!