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The First Day...

The First Day...

We never thought this day would come. But it's here. And we're still not sure how to handle it. Today we packed backpacks full of lunch boxes, crayons, pencil boxes, and love notes from Mom, and we dropped off the big kids for their first day at a real with buses, teachers, cafeterias, and homework. You see, up until today we had home-schooled our kids. It was something that started as a necessity and became a way of life for us. We loved it and it was perfect for us for the beginning season of their educational journey. But it became clear about a couple months ago that the season we loved so much was coming to end. We know that God has big plans for all of us this year. He put them into a great school, with GREAT teachers, and we are so thankful that one of Olivia's best friends is in her class! We are 100% sure that this is were we are all supposed to be and we know they will do great!

We felt a bit like parents of kindergartner's know...all teary eyed and kind of a blubbery mess. We know we looked a bit strange dropping off our 4th grader while we did our best not to ugly cry in front of his teacher (and potential new friends). Most other parents have had a few years of practice doing this stuff, so forgive us if we're a bit new at this. You'll be glad to know we kept it together though, and we got out of there without using a whole box of tissues!

So here's to the first day of school! We are officially parents of a 1st and 4th grader and we know these two will love it and knock their socks off! We pray they will be kind, brave, and, most of all, will love others! Mama will be here crying in her coffee waiting patiently for three o'clock to roll around! 

P.S. - Not to be outdone, Titus wanted a sign like the big kids, so we printed out a Preschool one. He still has a few more years until we are officially ready to let all of them grow up!