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What to wear Wednesday - Final Edition!

What to wear Wednesday - Final Edition!

Check it peeps...our last what to wear Wednesday is happening! By now you all should be pros! Everyone should be able to dress to impress without any of the stress! (We get a little carried away with the rhymes sometimes.) So far we've talked about, wearing what fits, colors, layers, and then last week we talked about maternity and newborns! We have thrown a lot of information at you but hopefully you were able to just take away a few golden nuggets of photography fashion wisdom and use them to help you plan your next session! 

Today we want to talk about dressing in the colors of your house as well as making your child's personality shine! The most important part of putting together your child’s wardrobe is allowing their personality to come through in what they’re wearing. If your daughter has a favorite pair of boots, let her wear them (at least in a few pictures). Our daughter Olivia is a shoe girl, she loves her cowboy boots, her tall brown boots, her light up shoes, and her "high heels." (She might have a slight addiction...) When it comes time for photos she always has an option (not to mention an opinion) and we love it!  If your son has a favorite stuffed animal that he NEEDS, let him bring it. We can throw it in to a few photos then have his stuffed friend help me "take" the photo so we get a few with just him!  If your child loves to wear hats and sunglasses, bring them! Whatever little "everyday" items that make your child who they are just add to the feeling of fun and normalcy during your shoot. Of course, we all want our children to look perfect and put together for their photos. I’m not saying don't try, let them choose clothes that don't match, or choose clothes plastered characters and logos. Seriously, Mickey Mouse is famous enough...he doesn't need any more publicity. What we're saying is to let your kids have a little bit of say when planning what they want to wear. And remember, it's ok to say “YES!” when they want to bring their favorite things along. We want to capture those, too! Trust'll forget about the blankey or the favorite doll one day and you'll be glad to have a photo or two to help your remember! Not only that, but it helps them feel comfortable and secure...both things that make for great pictures!

Finally, we want our clients to start thinking ahead when it comes to photo shoots. We want them to put some thought into what you want to do with your photos after you get them. When you print them up to put all over you house are the colors going to match your decor? Your wall color? That centerpiece on your mantel? Is your house mainly blues? Greens? Reds? Use that to your advantage when dressing for your shoot and wear colors that compliment! IF you wore brown, but your house is mostly yellows, that might clash and make your house look like a moldy old banana. Just sayin' one wants moldy banana house. So put a little extra time into your next photography session and pick out colors that you will want to display in your house. This is your families art work. You've invested money and time. It only makes sense to show off that investment to everyone who walks in your door. 

This family told us their house is all blue and green and they are huge Seahawks fans (we won't fault them for that...well maybe a little...), so they picked out blue shirts, we went to a green area and now when they hang those prints it will match their colors, their personality, and their style. It's a match made in heaven! 

We hope you loved our little series, we actually have all this information in a little booklet and we would love to send it to you! When you sign up for our newsletter we will send it to you for free, so just ask! Also, please never hesitate to send us photos of what your thinking, ask questions, or get opinions! We are here for you and we LOVE to help! 

That's it for today! Happy shopping and see you at your family session! 

What to wear Wednesday: Maternity and Newborn Edition!

What to wear Wednesday: Maternity and Newborn Edition!

What to Wear Wednesday is here again! We're almost done with our little blog series, but today day we wanted to focus on maternity and newborns! They are some of our favorite people and little people to work with and we want them to shine during their sessions! 

For Maternity shoots, we love soft flowy maxi dresses. Dresses and baby bumps go together like ice cream and pickles. Ok, maybe not, but choosing a soft material in a light color will create a more feminine glow. Show off your personality by choosing a fun print, or if you want a dreamy off the shoulder dress that works too! Don’t leave Dad out. Choose a nice collared shirt with a jacket and dress it down a bit with nice pair of jeans. Finally don't forget those fun baby props you want to include! We love them too!

Oh newborns... you have my heart. We love their sweet faces and grunts. They’re just so squishy and perfect! During your newborn session, we ask that you politely throw out all our previous advice...well almost! We usually recommend clients keep their wardrobe super simple. Soft colors like gray, black, and white are perfect during those intimate, natural sessions at home when you don't want to overshadow the sweetness of the little person that we’re focusing on. If we’ll be posing a big sister or brothers with the baby, light pink or soft shades of blue are great colors that add a little pop without adding too much. 

We love photographing people in their homes. Everyone is comfortable and relaxed and it's just so chill. However, don't forget to declutter! If you have a specific area of your home you want to take pictures with baby, don't forget to remove all the "everyday" items you don't want the whole world to see in your photos. You know...water on the side of the bed, toys off the floor, bed made. It really makes a huge difference in the presentation and makes your photos look inviting and clean...just like a home should look!

Well that's it for today! We will back next Wednesday for our final installment of What to Wear Wednesday!


What to Wear Wednesday 2nd Edition!

What to Wear Wednesday 2nd Edition!

What to Wear Wednesday is back! This is the second installment of our blog mini series where we help you dress your best without the stress. If you missed the first installment you can find it here. Today we want to talk about coordinating your colors. We've made it our mission to banish the matchy-matchy trend!! Seriously though, the days of khaki or denim pants with all white or black shirts are gone. They have gone the way of fanny packs and shoulder pads. I mean, really. Just don't go there people. So with that said, don’t be afraid to mix it up and add some color! Like we said last week, start with one outfit, dress, or accessory and build around it. If your daughter has a favorite multi-colored dress, pull out colors from it and use them as your guide to pick other complimentary colors.

Here are a few more helpful tips to help you coordinate those colors to make you and your family really pop on camera... 

*Choose 2-3 main colors and and maybe throw in 1 other little splash of color to build your outfits. 

*Steer clear of fluorescents, as they tend to look strange through the camera. Use primary colors or pastels instead. Blue (navy, royal), gold, Yellow (mustard), red (maroon, brick) or turquoise are great alternatives. 

*Keep skin colors in mind. If your family has lighter skin tones they might look better in darker colors like navy or maroon. Darker skin tones tend to look great in lighter colors! Turquoise or another pastel could be your best friend.

*The key to coordinating multiple outfits is not to be too “matchy-matchy.” That’s the technical term, in case you were wondering. ;-) The family below picked purple, off white, and various shades of denim. Every member of their family represents at least a couple of those complimentary colors. No one is wearing the exact same outfit but it totally works! The color really brings out their personalities too. I can tell you these girls are all different and their outfits match them PERFECTLY!

*Be careful when mixing patterns and prints. You do not want the clothes to be too distracting and take away from your beautiful faces!  Avoid shirts with big logos, graphics, characters, or labels. It’s distracting and takes away from the real focus...which is YOU! 

*We want to see your families' personality come out in your photos!  So remember no all white or all black! Have we mentioned you should throw in a splash of color?! Color, color, color...ok...we think you get the point...color... ;-) So don't be afraid to change it up and have fun! You'll look great, feel fabulous, and you'll have some amazing photos to show off on your wall!