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Its a....

Its a....

This weekend we had the opportunity to attend and photograph our friends and past clients gender reveal party! We were so honored two months ago when they asked us to capture their pregnancy announcement, so when they asked us to capture their gender revel party, we were thrilled! Christine told us her idea and we couldn't believe how fun and creative it was! She planned on using pink or blue silly string to reveal the gender of the baby. They had to wait five days to find out what they are having after their sonogram, so they trusted a best friend with the news and she implemented the plan. Best. Friend. Ever. We want to know how in the world she kept the secret from EVERYONE! Full disclosure, keeping secrets is not our strongest attribute! We're seriously horrible at Christmas or birthdays. We just can't keep it in, but we are so glad Christine has a good BFF who can! 

We loved being a part of this exciting day. We loved watching new grandparents jump up and down with excitement. We loved watching all of their friends be apart of the thrill of finding out together. We also can't wait to meet the new Ms. Glomski! Congrats you two!


GIRL!!! YAY!! Pink everywhere, bows and dresses, smiles and kisses. 

This little boy cracked us, this is Megan's exact face when James catches her sneaking another cookie.. or three. It says, "what... Im not eating all the frosting... move along!"

We are so excited for Drew and Christine and their new little Princess, we KNOW they are going to be awesome parents and make the cutest, happiness, sweetest little girl ever! 

Christine & Drew

We love Springtime in the desert. It brings so much life to the desert landscape and it's probably one of our favorite times of year to get out and explore when it's not too hot! It's even more enjoyable when we can bring along such a beautiful couple and capture such amazing chemistry and passion. We could tell these two really loved each other and we had so much fun capturing that intimacy during their desert springtime session.

Typically we see Christine and Drew at the gym four days a week before the sun rises. You know, when everyone is wide awake and is looking their best! Ok, well Christine and Drew look good anytime of day, but we can tell you right now that 5am, in gym clothes, covered in sweat is probably not our most flattering time of day. All that to say, we were blown away at how amazing Christine and Drew looked when they showed up for their session. Christine was glowing in her Navy dress and Drew was such a gentleman (even when we asked them to hike half a mile out into the middle of the desert)!

Christine and Drew had a perfect springtime surprise they wanted to share with everyone, and we were honored to be able to photograph such a special moment in their lives! Make sure you read to the end of this post to see what little surprise they want to share...