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Fri-yay! Weekly Recap #17!

Fri-yay! Weekly Recap #17!

Happy pre-Halloween weekend! We aren't gonna lie...we kinda almost forgot Halloween this year. Mostly because well...parent mush brain? Does that work as an excuse?! If not, it does now so deal with it people! Thankfully, Walmart saved the day with a ridiculous assortment of licensed character costumes! Nothing says FUN! like dressing up in clothing made out of cheap plastic table cloth material for an hour or so and coming home with enough candy to send an elephant into a diabetic coma! We can't wait!

With Halloween comes Halloween parties at school! Megan (bravely) volunteered to help chaperone Olivia's First Grade Halloween Spooktacular. They had tons of fun playing games, doing Halloween word searches, and eating way too much sugar! It was an awesome time to get some "girl time" together, meet Olivia's school friends and teachers, and have a blast!

We also had Parent/Teacher conferences this week. Duh, duh, duuuuuh... (cue intense music). Ok they weren't that bad, but because this was our first time EVER doing them, we didn't really know what to expect. All we really knew about Parent/Teachers conferences is what we remembered as kids...which is basically these were a special time for parents and teachers to get together and conspire about how to make your elementary school life completely miserable for the remaining 6 months of the school year. You can understand our shock when, in actuality, this was NOT how these little meetings went. To our complete surprise, their teachers were totally normal, awesome people who love our kids and know all their little personality quirks ALREADY! We brought each of them a little package of Megan's (soon to be) World Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies because bribery never hurt anyone, right?! It was interesting to see the whole experience as a parent and we are proud to say, the kids are doing pretty awesome in school! However, we can't guarantee we didn't conspire just a little bit with their teachers to make their lives a little bit miserable. ;-) After all, that's part of any healthy childhood right?!

Finally, we had one of our first ever Premier Nights this week! We had so much fun with the Ward Family! It truly is one of the most rewarding parts of what we do when we get to sit down with a family and do their image reveal.  We really want this to be a special moment for each and every family we photograph. We love hearing their reactions, seeing the tears of joy, and helping them use their images to turn their house into a home! It really was a special time, and we are so glad they loved their photos...but we're even more glad that we got to hang out with them, get to know them, and help them celebrate their beautiful family! If you'd like more information about what we do, or what our Premier Night is all about, go ahead and contact us and we'd love to share our vision for photography, family, and how you can use your photographs to showcase your beautiful family!

Have a safe and happy Halloween weekend everyone! We'll catch y'all again on Monday!

The First Day...

The First Day...

We never thought this day would come. But it's here. And we're still not sure how to handle it. Today we packed backpacks full of lunch boxes, crayons, pencil boxes, and love notes from Mom, and we dropped off the big kids for their first day at a real with buses, teachers, cafeterias, and homework. You see, up until today we had home-schooled our kids. It was something that started as a necessity and became a way of life for us. We loved it and it was perfect for us for the beginning season of their educational journey. But it became clear about a couple months ago that the season we loved so much was coming to end. We know that God has big plans for all of us this year. He put them into a great school, with GREAT teachers, and we are so thankful that one of Olivia's best friends is in her class! We are 100% sure that this is were we are all supposed to be and we know they will do great!

We felt a bit like parents of kindergartner's know...all teary eyed and kind of a blubbery mess. We know we looked a bit strange dropping off our 4th grader while we did our best not to ugly cry in front of his teacher (and potential new friends). Most other parents have had a few years of practice doing this stuff, so forgive us if we're a bit new at this. You'll be glad to know we kept it together though, and we got out of there without using a whole box of tissues!

So here's to the first day of school! We are officially parents of a 1st and 4th grader and we know these two will love it and knock their socks off! We pray they will be kind, brave, and, most of all, will love others! Mama will be here crying in her coffee waiting patiently for three o'clock to roll around! 

P.S. - Not to be outdone, Titus wanted a sign like the big kids, so we printed out a Preschool one. He still has a few more years until we are officially ready to let all of them grow up!

Its a....

Its a....

This weekend we had the opportunity to attend and photograph our friends and past clients gender reveal party! We were so honored two months ago when they asked us to capture their pregnancy announcement, so when they asked us to capture their gender revel party, we were thrilled! Christine told us her idea and we couldn't believe how fun and creative it was! She planned on using pink or blue silly string to reveal the gender of the baby. They had to wait five days to find out what they are having after their sonogram, so they trusted a best friend with the news and she implemented the plan. Best. Friend. Ever. We want to know how in the world she kept the secret from EVERYONE! Full disclosure, keeping secrets is not our strongest attribute! We're seriously horrible at Christmas or birthdays. We just can't keep it in, but we are so glad Christine has a good BFF who can! 

We loved being a part of this exciting day. We loved watching new grandparents jump up and down with excitement. We loved watching all of their friends be apart of the thrill of finding out together. We also can't wait to meet the new Ms. Glomski! Congrats you two!


GIRL!!! YAY!! Pink everywhere, bows and dresses, smiles and kisses. 

This little boy cracked us, this is Megan's exact face when James catches her sneaking another cookie.. or three. It says, "what... Im not eating all the frosting... move along!"

We are so excited for Drew and Christine and their new little Princess, we KNOW they are going to be awesome parents and make the cutest, happiness, sweetest little girl ever!