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The Brunansky Family

We love this family. They have been such a joy and blessing to us and our family over the last year or so in more ways than we can count. As a family with young kids of our own, we want other families to treasure these times when their kids are young, carefree, and maybe even a little...shall we say, dramatic? But more on that later. ;-) We strongly believe that families should have lasting images to remember those times when the kids were a little crazy, the laughter was contagious, and the moments we spent with our precious little ones seemed to pass us by a little faster than we would have liked. 

So when we heard that this family hadn't had their pictures taken in more than three years, we had to help. That's three years of childhood memories that needed to be captured and remembered for a lifetime. We couldn't bear to think of them going another three years without timeless images to share with their future generations.

So we told them to just do it. "Meet us at a local park," we said. "We want to bless you, since you've blessed us in so many ways," we told them. We decided it was time to give them a super fun, all around awesome family session that they would remember more fondly than a trip to Disneyland or a beach vacation to Hawaii! Unfortunately, not everyone was on board with our "vision." Their youngest decided to do his best grumpy cat impression...the whole time! And in true grumpy cat fashion, nothing we did could convince him to even remotely consider the possibility of cracking a smile. Candy? Not gonna have it. Farting noises? Nope. Silly faces? Not even close. But you know what? We didn't care. We loved every pouty lip and furrowed brow we captured (we also loved their gorgeous girls and amazingly cute family dynamic too)! And do you want to know why? Because those pictures told a story...a story that they will always remember whenever they look back at their photos. That's what's important. That's why we do this. They will remember the grumpy faces and arms crossed in defiance. But do you know what they'll remember more? They'll remember the power of a mothers love when she stepped in with a kind word of encouragement and brought that little furrowed brow back to life. And they'll have the pictures to prove it.