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Super Cute Valentine's Day Kissing Booth Mini Session in North Phoenix!

Super Cute Valentine's Day Kissing Booth Mini Session in North Phoenix!

Whelp, it's ALREADY Valentine's Day 2017 and we're over here like, where in the blazes did January go?! Despite the fact that time seems to be speeding up and our three beautiful kids won't stop growing, we took Valentine's Day minis to a whole new level this year! We have such amazing, handy friends (*cough You're the best Jo! *cough*) who built us this super cute kissing booth just for this fun little occasion!

We rounded up the kids, blew threw homework (we might have given them a few answers to speed up the process), and rushed over to one of our favorite local spots before the light faded! And holy sweet, golden sun are we GLAD we did! It almost didn't happen! The struggle was REAL to get these school-dazed kids out the door before that sunset. But we made it by the skin of our sugar coated teeth!

Everyone pitched in to make this one of our most memorable and fun mini sessions yet. Our oldest was such a great helper. He took charge and had so much fun role-playing and getting the two little ones to play along! The other two took the bait and were hooked. It also helped that we had jars of candy lying around everywhere. Our daughter is a woman after her mother's heart and couldn't keep her hands out of the candy jars though! And our poor youngest forgot all his money at home. Thankfully, his older brother and sister were willing to sneak a few chubby cheek kisses, free of charge!

We hope you have as much fun this Valentine's Day as we did doing this photo shoot. Find someone you love, hold them close, and don't be afraid to give out a few kisses free of charge too! Happy Valentine's Day lovebirds!

Landon, 12 month Mini session Phoenix, AZ

Landon, 12 month Mini session Phoenix, AZ

We can't believe the time has finally come that our little buddy is finally 12 months! It came so fast and now it's here and gone! Mr. Landon turned one in November and with the holidays and sickness we finally got around to doing his little photo shoot last month. He has changed so much from his nine month photos, turning from a baby into a little toddler before my eyes! He is still so sweet with his little grin and tender heart.  We have loved getting to know him and his Mama and of course his big brother Nolan. Megan won Nolan's heart when she gave smarties and now she is forever known as  Mrs. Megan the smarties giver :) Nolan is such a big kid he is now 4! When I first met this family Nolan was 2, he looked a lot like little Landon but a little taller. I love getting to know my clients and grow with them while they become friends and family. 

We look forward to watching the boys grow up and can't wait to document these precious years where time stands still but races by all at once.  Happy Birthday little man! 

The Roberge Family's Golden Arizona Desert Family Session

The Roberge Family's Golden Arizona Desert Family Session

We seriously can't believe how time flies. Full disclaimer right up front...we might get a little teary-eyed while we write about this beautiful family because we have seriously watched them grow up before our very eyes. We're also gonna get on our soap box for a few seconds and tell you to love your dang kids when they're small because, before you know it, they're going to be gorgeous young adults and all those squishy baby cheeks will be gone. Seriously stop reading right here and go hug and kiss your kids.........Done? Now do that everyday because time is short and kids need our LOVE more than anything else in the world. Ok, end soapbox rant.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled beautiful family blog post...

Every single member of this family deserves their own blog post, because they are seriously that awesome. But alas, we don't have enough space to write all the wonderful things about them all that we wish we could, so how about a few highlights?

We have known this family almost from the first day we moved to Arizona, and we are so blessed because of it.

First off, Keith is a wonderful father and husband who constantly sacrifices for his kids and without a doubt puts his family first in everything. A true inspiration for other dad's out joke.

Jenn is like super-mom...on steroids. She is constantly working, fighting for, loving, and caring for her four beautiful children. Not to mention she's totally gorgeous inside and out. She's full of power and grace and it's no wonder her kids turned out the way they did with mom like her!

Riley, oh Riley...what the heck happened?! Last time we saw Riley she was a brace-faced 12 year old with all the trappings of an awkward Junior High Schooler. Now she's going to be a beautiful freshman in college, a Volleyball rockstar, with a mind that loves to read, and a heart of gold.

Keaton grew about 12 feet since last we saw him...and ummm...well there's no easy way to say this...became a full-blown heart breaker?! He's left behind the Legos (well maybe...) and is growing into quite the fantastic (not to mention HANDSOME) young man. If he turns out anything like his Dad, he'll be a pretty awesome dude.

Jada is a ray of golden sunshine both inside and out. She loves to laugh, goof off, and gives JT a run for his money as the family clown. In some ways she really is following in her big brother and sister's footsteps, and in other ways she totally shines through with her own unique personality.

JT, is their youngest and being the youngest is tough! Especially when you have to follow in the footsteps of such amazing older siblings. Don't worry though, JT keeps up just fine and is blossoming into quite a fine young man. He knows how to rock the bow-tie like a boss and, despite being the youngest, might just walk away with the "Funniest Family Member Award" when all is said and done.

We've known this family for ten years or so, and we are really hoping to know them for at least another 10. You guys rock and if our kids grow up to be half as cool as yours, we'll consider that a win! We love you guys!