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Ashlee + Dave

Ashlee + Dave

When Ashlee and Dave asked us to do their elopement shoot at the Royal Palms in Scottsdale, we obviously couldn't say no! We absolutely LOVE taking photos of beautiful people in beautiful locations. These two were so madly in love that they got our hearts all aflutter and reminded us of how we felt on our honeymoon 11 years ago. There is nothing like that feeling you have on the first day you are feel! Everything about the world is so vibrant and clear on your first day of marriage and we felt like we were embarking on an amazing journey through the rest of our lives. Ashlee and Dave had that look in their eyes too and we recognized that look. They were so enamored with each other it was almost like they were real life "heart-eyed emoji" people. We are so excited for them to start their own amazing journey and are so glad to welcome to them to "team adult!"

Christine & Drew

We love Springtime in the desert. It brings so much life to the desert landscape and it's probably one of our favorite times of year to get out and explore when it's not too hot! It's even more enjoyable when we can bring along such a beautiful couple and capture such amazing chemistry and passion. We could tell these two really loved each other and we had so much fun capturing that intimacy during their desert springtime session.

Typically we see Christine and Drew at the gym four days a week before the sun rises. You know, when everyone is wide awake and is looking their best! Ok, well Christine and Drew look good anytime of day, but we can tell you right now that 5am, in gym clothes, covered in sweat is probably not our most flattering time of day. All that to say, we were blown away at how amazing Christine and Drew looked when they showed up for their session. Christine was glowing in her Navy dress and Drew was such a gentleman (even when we asked them to hike half a mile out into the middle of the desert)!

Christine and Drew had a perfect springtime surprise they wanted to share with everyone, and we were honored to be able to photograph such a special moment in their lives! Make sure you read to the end of this post to see what little surprise they want to share...