We can't believe the time has finally come that our little buddy is finally 12 months! It came so fast and now it's here and gone! Mr. Landon turned one in November and with the holidays and sickness we finally got around to doing his little photo shoot last month. He has changed so much from his nine month photos, turning from a baby into a little toddler before my eyes! He is still so sweet with his little grin and tender heart.  We have loved getting to know him and his Mama and of course his big brother Nolan. Megan won Nolan's heart when she gave smarties and now she is forever known as  Mrs. Megan the smarties giver :) Nolan is such a big kid he is now 4! When I first met this family Nolan was 2, he looked a lot like little Landon but a little taller. I love getting to know my clients and grow with them while they become friends and family. 

We look forward to watching the boys grow up and can't wait to document these precious years where time stands still but races by all at once.  Happy Birthday little man!