Happy Fri-Yay Friends! It's time for another weekly re-cap where we get real, a little boring and maybe a little crazy while we give you a little glimpse into the crazy world of Megan and James.  So sit back and grab a coffee or wine (is it too early??) and read on, don't worry it's not too long we promise ;).

This week started out pretty uneventful but all that changed on Wednesday when a certain big brother "accidentally" slammed a certain little brothers hand in the door and landed us in the er.  Over the last 2 years I've been learning what it means to be a "boy" mom. With 2 boys and one very tough girl we are always putting these kids back together after they get too rough or get hurt just experimenting, for instance,  if they could fly. We of course love it but could do without ER trips for stitches and broken bones.  With all that said, Titus was a super champ. He had the nurses and Doctors eating out of his hands with his cute side smiles, questions and requests for "green medicine" instead of pink, because pink is "for girls." He sat still for a x-ray, allowed the doctor to stitch up his finger with 4 stitches and when it was all done waved goodbye to the nurses station and said, "bye, thanks for fixen my finger!!" Melt my heart this kid is all kinds of sugar.

We know stitches are no big deal and couldn't help but think and pray for the kids in the hospital who are facing much scarier things. Today we are praying for all those Mamas and Daddies with sick babies who need strength to keep going and courage to face the unknown.  

If you follow us on our Instagram, you already knew I made cookies yesterday for some friends that came over to hang out! If you don't follow us do it now, we'll wait.... It's no secret that I LOVE cookies and want to have them with a cup of coffee for breakfast every morning, but did you know I'm known for my cookies??? Famous is really the word I was searching for..... ;) Ok, maybe not famous but I do believe they are my love language and I want to share them with anyone who comes to our house. Because really I believe at the core of all of us we all just need a hug and a warm cookie to get us through life. Am I right??

Finally! In case you missed it, we blogged little Landon's milestone mini this week he's so big and so cute you HAVE to go check him out!  If you know anyone with a newborn, or is pregnant and would love information for both newborn and milestone sessions send them our way! WE love serving clients and getting creative capturing all the fun little details of their first year! Email us at hello@meganandjamesphotography.com

Thats it for us today! Have a safe weekend, cultivate something fun and important!