There's just something magical about watching kids grow up and turn into amazing human beings. When we first met Riley she was like 8. We went to church with Riley and her family a few years back and we lost touch with them through the years, because well life sorta happens sometimes. So you can understand our joy when Riley contacted us and asked us to do her senior pictures! When we last saw her, she was a big sister to her two younger brothers and one younger sister and her main worry was feeding the ducks in her backyard. Now she's a beautiful adult, inside and out, and it's a little mind blowing to think how far she's come. How is it that we go on and on with our days thinking they will never end, and then one day we look up and its been 10 years?!

We had a blast up in Sedona taking Riley's senior photographs and enjoyed catching up with her and her family. We laughed, got wet, slipped in the mud, and even had a little Benadryl cocktail party when we mistakenly asked her to lay down in a field of wild flowers. She was a good sport though, and we are pretty sure it was all worth it because these photos are some of our favorites ever! We loved her laugh, her eyes, and her love for classic novels. This girl will go far and will accomplish great things. We were just grateful to get a front row seat at the starting line! We love you Riley and we know you are just getting started on your journey to do some truly amazing things!