Happy Monday!! We have been hard at work this year, making a TON of changes to the way we do things around here and we are seriously on pins and needles ready to share them with you. There are a couple of things we love about photography that really get us fired up...


The first is our beautiful, amazing clients. For us, photography is more about the relationships we build and the people we meet than the pictures we take. We have so much fun meeting all of you and your beautiful families. It seriously is what keeps us going everyday and it's why we do this photographer thing in the first place.

The second thing that we LOVE about photography is when people use their photographs to turn their house into a home. If you've ever been to our house, you will have seen that we have pictures of friends and family EVERYWHERE. This is so important to us because it takes those beautiful images off of your hard drive and puts them up on your wall where everyone can see them.

So often we hear about clients who get their pictures taken and they post a few on social media where they eventually get lost in the unceasing cascade of cat videos and political posturing on their newsfeed, never to be seen again. Then they fall into the black hold of your hard drive, never to be seen again. This breaks our hearts. We have a passion for people and their families and we want you and your family to be HONORED in the photographs we take. Every family has a story and we want those stories to be put on DISPLAY for everyone to see and hear! That is why, in the very near future, we plan to transition to more of a print-based photography business. Never fear, we will still offer some digital images for you to share on social media (because online sharing is fun too)! But going forward we are really going to encourage our clients to print and frame their images.

We would absolutely love to sit down with each and every one of our clients and hand them beautiful, unique, colorful, framed, hand-crafted images that they can showcase in their homes. This is so important to us that we are working OVERTIME to make this happen as soon as possible. We hope you will see the importance of telling your families' story through the pictures we take and displaying them prominently in your home.

Every family has a story worth being told. We want to help you tell yours.

If you would like more information about package changes or printing options, don't be shy! Send us a quick reply email and we'd love to get together over coffee or wine to help you SHOWCASE your images in your home.