What to Wear Wednesday is back! This is the second installment of our blog mini series where we help you dress your best without the stress. If you missed the first installment you can find it here. Today we want to talk about coordinating your colors. We've made it our mission to banish the matchy-matchy trend!! Seriously though, the days of khaki or denim pants with all white or black shirts are gone. They have gone the way of fanny packs and shoulder pads. I mean, really. Just don't go there people. So with that said, don’t be afraid to mix it up and add some color! Like we said last week, start with one outfit, dress, or accessory and build around it. If your daughter has a favorite multi-colored dress, pull out colors from it and use them as your guide to pick other complimentary colors.

Here are a few more helpful tips to help you coordinate those colors to make you and your family really pop on camera... 

*Choose 2-3 main colors and and maybe throw in 1 other little splash of color to build your outfits. 

*Steer clear of fluorescents, as they tend to look strange through the camera. Use primary colors or pastels instead. Blue (navy, royal), gold, Yellow (mustard), red (maroon, brick) or turquoise are great alternatives. 

*Keep skin colors in mind. If your family has lighter skin tones they might look better in darker colors like navy or maroon. Darker skin tones tend to look great in lighter colors! Turquoise or another pastel could be your best friend.

*The key to coordinating multiple outfits is not to be too “matchy-matchy.” That’s the technical term, in case you were wondering. ;-) The family below picked purple, off white, and various shades of denim. Every member of their family represents at least a couple of those complimentary colors. No one is wearing the exact same outfit but it totally works! The color really brings out their personalities too. I can tell you these girls are all different and their outfits match them PERFECTLY!

*Be careful when mixing patterns and prints. You do not want the clothes to be too distracting and take away from your beautiful faces!  Avoid shirts with big logos, graphics, characters, or labels. It’s distracting and takes away from the real focus...which is YOU! 

*We want to see your families' personality come out in your photos!  So remember no all white or all black! Have we mentioned you should throw in a splash of color?! Color, color, color...ok...we think you get the point...color... ;-) So don't be afraid to change it up and have fun! You'll look great, feel fabulous, and you'll have some amazing photos to show off on your wall!