Do you want to know what we love? Well, we love lots of cream, cookies, wine, cheesecake (we may or may not have a carb problem)...but now that we've gotten all of our guilty pleasures out of the way, we want to tell you about some other things we really love. Joy. Miracles. New life. Baby smell. Did you realize it has been scientifically proven that new baby smell is addicting? Trust us when we tell you, it is. We read it on the internet, so it must be true, right?! 

This is why we love photographing newborns like Dash! We were so happy to meet this little man for the first time and witness what we believe is one of our world's most amazing miracles. When a child is born we get to be a part of something truly astounding. As photographers, our main goal is to capture the beautiful moments and when a new life is created and brought into the world, we can't think of anything more beautiful..

Dash was a champ during his first ever photo session! He was so comfortable snuggling his gorgeous mom and dad. He even got to chill out with his two older brothers and is started learning how to be "one of the guys."

He was brought into a home full of joy, life, love, caring, and compassion. We know he is loved more than he will ever know and he will grow up to be one amazing little guy! Welcome to the world Dash!