So we aren't gonna lie, we have three kids and, in our completely humble, unbiased opinion we think they are pretty darn cute. So cute, in fact, that they ALMOST make us want to have another one. Very shortly after that thought runs through our heads, however, we usually get brought back to reality and remember that three future visits to the orthodontist and three sets of braces is quite enough thank you.

Which is why we are so thankful for beautiful families who have beautiful babies. And we are EXTRA thankful when they let us take pictures of them! You may remember Danielle and RIcky and their delightful golden hour maternity session we did in April. Well we are excited to announce that their beautiful baby girl, Kinsley, was born! Danielle and Ricky were so gracious to allow us to meet little Kinsley and get our baby fix so that we (THANKFULLY) don't have to plan on four sets of braces in the future. She filled up our cute meter so much that we shouldn't need another dose of cute for at least another 3 months. She was so snugly and adorable and we are so glad she's here. Check out the cuteness below and get your 3 month dosage of cute! Thanks for letting us photograph your beautiful daughter Danielle and Ricky! You two are beyond awesome!