We love it when you can feel the love from a family. When they all genuinely not only love each other but like being together!  We love watching big sister loving on little brother, baby sister making big brother laugh, lots of giggles and happy kids working together not against one another. This family was one of those families. Not only does the Boyd love each other buy they love serving and lifting up their friends and community. When we set out and asked for all you mothers to nominate a friend who needed a photo shoot, Carolyn answered and nominated the Gibbons family.  We are so grateful she did because not only did we get the privilege of serving them but then we were able to give back to Carolyn too! 

So here is the Boyd family, they are sweet, kind, loving and oh so much fun. We laughed, we tickled, we made silly faces and most of all we captured this loving family just the way they are! Thank you guys for giving us the chance to do what we love, serve other people with beautiful, lasting images. You guys are the best!