Every mother is special and deserves WAY more recognition and praise for the amazing work they do on a daily basis. Motherhood is the most valuable, precious job in the world. Without it, human civilization would literally cease to exist. So when we did our Mother's Day Mini Session Giveaway this year, we prayed that it would go to a couple of extra-deserving moms and that would be truly blessed by having pictures of them and their kids during this special season of life.

So when we (our youngest, Titus, may have helped) picked a name out of a hat, we were thrilled to learn that Mary Gibbons and her SEVEN children were one of our winners! We were so excited to meet her and her amazing kids. As we said earlier, every mother is special but a mother of seven kids is like a real life Wonder Woman...although we're pretty sure Wonder Woman didn't have any kids, so basically what we're saying is that Mary is more wonderful than Wonder Woman! Sadly, they don't make comic books for moms...but they should for this amazing mom! She was so patient and full of grace and she was truly inspiring. As parents of three kids, we truly admired her poise and gentle spirit during our shoot. Shoots can be stressful sometimes, especially with little ones, and she was calm, collected, and looked absolutely gorgeous the whole time. Thanks for being an awesome mom Mary! We were honored to take photos of such an exemplary woman, wife, and mother!