Oh my goodness... Sweet Landon is now a chunky, smiling, rolling-over flirt, and we can't believe it! We all know that our own kids grow too fast but when you see it in your friends kids its almost harder to believe! The last time we saw him was three months ago. He was so chunky and was looking quite dapper in his baby tuxedo! I'm happy to report that now he's not only well dressed, but knows how to flirt like an old pro as well. So much so, that he was quite successful at melting Megan's heart when we showed up to do his 6 month milestone session this past weekend! 

Since it's not too hot yet we decided to take advantage of the great weather and head out doors. We love that yummy warm light. It makes all our photos scream VIBRANT which is exactly what we want! It was so fun to watch all of Landon's new tricks and of course big brother Nolan wanted to show off too. Can we just say, we have no idea how their mom does anything because these boys are too sweet and such handsome! Nolan now knows all about my secret candy stash and I'm pretty sure he's now my best friend. He even asked me to come back to play the next day and reminded me to "bring candy to my house." Hello, adorable! 

Thank you Nolan and Landon for being the sweetest boys ever and making our job so much fun! If you haven't yet, check out how much Landon has grown since he was born and then at three months!  And make sure you come back in a few months and see how much bigger he gets!