It's Friday! And we're back to share another recap with all of you lovely people! We've been getting some good feedback from our Friday Recaps so as long as you're reading, we'll keep writing! So without further ado... 

James had a birthday (or two...more on that in a bit) this week! It was the 12th anniversary of his 22nd birthday! Woot! Seriously though, he's 34 now....where does the time go?!?!? It feels like just yesterday we were 22 and tying the knot back in San Diego! We had a great night on Saturday night, spending some time with friends at Chelsea's Kitchen in celebration. Their sangria is to die for and they have some awesome patio seating right by a canal! If you're looking for a bit of romance, you have to check it out!

James had his actual birthday on Monday and then his second birthday on Tuesday! Second birthday?? Say what?! See here's the thing...for the first 12 years we've been married, James has HATED birthdays. Doesn't ever want to do anything. Doesn't really ask for anything. You see, he just kind of pretends they don't exist. Which is funny because he keeps getting older and keeps wondering why all the hair on his head is migrating to his face...but that's another story for another time. So every year we do this funny little charade where he says he doesn't want anything and then I (Megan) go behind his back and get him something and try and make his birthday a little bit special. Well you see, this year, for a variety of different reasons, I decided to take him at his word. We had a great time Saturday night with friends, as you already know, so I figured, "What the heck, dinner with friends is enough of a celebration! He always says he doesn't want anything anyway, so we'll do dinner and then I can check that little item off my mental checklist. James' birthday...CHECK."

Here's where things started to go south. It seems that for 12 years he's kind of been lying...errrr...I mean "pretending" that he HATES birthdays. APPARENTLY, he really does like to have cake and presents and cards on his birthday. Coulda fooled me!! So Monday comes and goes, and he wakes up on Tuesday all mopey and doing his best Eeyore impression. I think the exact words out of his mouth were, "That was the worst birthday ever." If you can't tell he's not usually the type to "soften the blow." As Eeyore would say, "Oh brother..." 

So what did I do? Did I sit back and say, "Well there's always next year!" or "Suck it up, and quit yer whining!"? Heck no!!! We tried again on Tuesday because I am a full grown adult and, doggone it, no one can stop me (not to mention, I kinda love the guy)! So the kids and I piled into the minivan, drove over to the local Target and picked up all the birthday fixings. Presents...CHECK. Candles...CHECK. Wrapping paper...CHECK. Bathroom humor birthday card...YOU BETCHA! And when his 34 year old self walked in the door on Tuesday, we all pretended he was still 33 and sang him Happy Birthday (again)! He sure was surprised, and although he didn't quite turn into Tigger after his second birthday, he wasn't quite as Eeyore-ish after that either. In all seriousness, we love our 34 year old husband, daddy, photography partner, blog writer, social media guru, and iPhone repairman. If we could celebrate him every day of the year, we would because we love him and all he does and all the sacrifices he makes to always be there for us! He's also assured us that going forward, he will be very forthcoming with his birthday wishes. Teaching James that birthdays DO exist...CHECK!

It's starting to get hot here in Phoenix which means two things. First, it's time for swimming. Second, I hate laundry. Well that second point really has nothing to do with it being hot, but I just figured I'd throw it in because, seriously....I HATE IT...and you deserve to know. I share this, not because I want my dirty laundry (see what I did there?) plastered all over the internet, but to just give a little encouragement to all the other mothers out there. WARNING! REAL LIFE AHEAD: Sometimes, our laundry doesn't get done, and sometimes I start to think I'm failing as a wife and mother. What I'm learning, however, is that my worth as a wife and mother should not be equated with how big or small my pile of laundry is. We are worth so much more than the tasks we do on a daily basis. We also can't trust everything we see on the internet, Facebook, and Instagram. I wanted to post this picture of Mt. Laundry to prove that, despite what we usually see online, there are real people, with real struggles, and real lives behind all those perfect images we normally see on social media. We just wanted you to know, that behind the blog, we are real people too. So next time the laundry monster is about to destroy your joy, just remember we're right there with you. If you need us to come over and throw you a pretend-birthday party to cheer you up, we can do that! After this week, we've had plenty of practice!

Finally, in case you missed it, we are heading to San Diego this summer for some summer fun on the beach! We'd love to do your pictures while we're there! If you're interested, shoot us an email via our contact page or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram. We have limited spots available, so make sure you reserve your spot before it's too late! We can't wait to catch up with old friends and hopefully make some new ones while we're there!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!