San Diego. When you hear those words, what do you think of? Most likely you think of sandy beaches, palm trees, beautiful people, and perfect weather. When we hear those words we think of one thing: Home. For those of you who don't know, we grew up in San Diego and as much as we LOVE Arizona, San Diego will always hold a special place in our hearts. There's something about the place you grew up that seems to infuse itself into your bones and become a part of your personality. San Diego is that place for us. Marine layers, California burritos, the smell of seaweed, ocean breezes, flip flops, and putting the word "the" in front of freeway numbers will always be a part of who we are.

Like we said before, we LOVE Arizona. We've been away from San Diego for almost 10 years now and for those 10 years we've lived in Phoenix. After 10 years of saguaros, haboobs, monsoons, and desert blooms, we can officially say Phoenix is our home. We've had three children, owned a home or two, made some great friends, and explored all over this beautiful state that we call home.

But something about San Diego will always just feel right to us. Like that old pair of jeans you throw on when you just want to wear something that feels right, San Diego is that place we go when we just want to be somewhere that just feels right. Truth be told, a lot has changed in 10 years. We've changed. The place has changed. We no longer call it home, and we are glad for that (finally)! It took us about 10 years to get over our San Diego hangover and really enjoy our new desert home. But just because San Diego is no longer that best friend we see every week to have coffee with and talk about our daily lives with, that's ok. Instead, it's more like that friend you see maybe once a year, and as soon as you see that friend, it's like you were back in high school (except now you have three kids running around), you pick up right where you left off and it's like you never left.

Thankfully, we are going to be able to head back to San Diego this summer to see that old friend again! And WE. CAN'T. WAIT. As you know, Phoenix, gets "a little toasty" during the summers. We know..."It's a dry heat!" But like a wise woman told me one time, "So is my oven, but I wouldn't want to live in it!" So we'll be packing up our mini-van (oh yeah!) and trekking out to sunny San Diego in July like true Zonies! We have plans for some beach camping, ocean swimming, surfing, carne asada fry eating, and sight seeing.

We also have plans to do some amazing beach shoots while we're there! We will be in San Diego July 9-17th and,  like we said before, we can't wait! So if you live in Arizona and want to cool off for a few days AND get some gorgeous photos on the beach, come on out! To all of our San Diego friends, let's share some memories and make some new ones! We'd love to make some new friends too and capture some radiant photos while we soak up some sun! If you're interested, shoot us an email through our contact page or send us a message over on our Facebook or Instagram. Let's make summer 2016 a summer to remember!