Oh this week...where did it go? Some weeks are just like that. You wake up on Friday and you're like, "What happened?!" Which isn't necessarily a bad thing considering Monday-Thursday are like the weekly version of eating all your broccoli before you can have chocolate cake. Our week was full of fun with friends, meetings with clients, and a little bit of comedy.

A couple of weeks ago, we went over to one of our kids school friend's houses, let the kids run around like a bunch of hooligans, and drank wine...at 3 in the afternoon...because, hey it's FRIDAY! It's 5 o'clock somewhere right?! It turned into such a fun evening with good friends, good wine, and a good meal that we decided to recreate it again this past Friday! After two weeks in a row, our little Wineday...errr...we mean Friday get togethers are pretty much a tradition. Lucky for us, today is Friday again, so you know where we'll be around 3 o'clock this afternoon!

Megan enjoyed an almost truly epic Mother's Day this past Sunday. The kids and I had grand plans of showering mommy with gifts, making her the breakfast of her dreams, and pretty much being completely silent all day long so that she could fall in an out of sleep whenever her little mommy heart desired. Unfortunately, life has a funny way of ruining even the best laid plans. *insert sad face here* We were still able to shower her with gifts and make her a delicious French Toast breakfast, but cleaning up projectile vomit at midnight the night before, kind of puts a damper on your fancy plans for Mother's Day. Seriously, how is it biologically possible to get barf on the ceiling?! Too much information? Whoops! Oh well. There's always next year when we are going to try to successfully implement this plan:

We were out for a quick shopping trip the other day and lets just say this guy was TJ-Maxxed Out. Poor fella. If I didn't have three kids constantly bombarding me with questions, I'd be right there next to him. You, sir, are my hero. A true gentleman and a scholar, as they say. Or perhaps this guy was just up all night the night before cleaning up barf off the ceiling. Sorry, did I ruin your lunch again?!

Finally, we had the honor of meeting with some truly amazing brides this past week. Megan put her heart and soul into creating some truly beautiful wedding consultation packets. I'm truly blown away at her creativity and passion for what she does sometimes. She really loves what she does and it shows in the way she pursues her passion with everything she has. Our brides loved them and we can't wait to share them with more of our brides soon!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!