Moms. Everybody's got one. And yet, despite their ubiquitous nature, we should treasure their existence. We've all read the articles about how mothers are underappreciated, undervalued, and underpaid. But despite the severe shortage in salaried positions, stock options, and PTO for mom's, they still exist and we need to celebrate them! 

I mean, who else in their right mind would sign up for the job description of MOM?! Can you do 43 things at once without getting distracted? Can you deal with a wide variety of bodily fluids without spontaneously gagging uncontrollably? Are you able to deal with a wide variety of minor (and sometimes not so minor) emergencies in a calm and collected manner? Are you willing to feed, clothe, house, care for, nuture, and keep healthy another human being(s) and completely sacrifice any right to privacy, free time, or breaks of any kind (including, but not limited to, going to the bathroom, showering, eating, sleeping, etc.)? Are you willing to do all these things and more and get paid solely in hugs, tantrums, kisses, sass, and cuteness? If so, then being a MOM is just for you!

In case you missed how valuable our mom's are, just go read that quick job description again. Say what?! Mother's are just ridiculously awesome. Can we all agree that mom's are like the closest things to angels on this planet? They are miracles in human form. They are utterly amazing. Everyday spent as a mom deserves to be written about in the paper, broadcast on the news, and should commence with a fireworks show that is greater than or equal to this one

Sadly, there are no massive, daily fireworks displays in honor of mothers that I know of. No news stories. No TV broadcasts. Most mom's just go about their daily lives with little, to no recognition. Other than the occasional, "Thanks Mom!" or impromptu hug, a mother's work typically goes unnoticed. But we can change that. Right now. Let's get our moms noticed! We can't do fireworks shows, but we can take pictures of these beautiful ladies who do so much for all of us!  

We are strong believers in mothers getting in front of the camera and looking gorgeous! Too often they are behind the scenes, being fabulous, and we grow up and we never see how utterly radiant they are. We forget those loving glances, caring smiles, and little tickles that make us giggle! This Mother's Day, it's time to give back to mom. We will be offering Mother's Day mini sessions every weekend in April, because...well it's just our little way we want to give back to all those special moms out there. There are limited spots available, so book your spot now! Contact us for details and pricing! Because, like I said before, moms are pure awesomeness and they deserve to be celebrated!