Hey you! It's Friday! Another week is gone and we're not going to lie, we're kind of glad it is! 

The other day we were looking around Pinterest and the heavens opened and a recipe for these decadent "Cake Batter Cookies" descended upon us as a sign of good things to come...or as a sign that the dark side of the force is getting stronger in the universe. It's too early to tell just yet.

It was as if they were whispering to us to say "If you bake it, we will come." Ok that might be a really horrible Field of Dreams reference, and we're not sure who the "we" is that would come, but these things just look like edible stress relievers don't they?!. For reals though, we're thinking about making some and selling them in our local Pharmacy as a medical cure for Mondays. What do you think? Either way, we're headed over to a friend's house for dinner tomorrow night and these may or may not be coming with us. We will send you an update on how they were once we are revived from our sugar-coma.

On Wednesday we confessed that this post made us want cupcakes, we can't help ourselves. So when we found this sign we knew it was fate giving us another little nudge to the dark side. (We're starting to realize there's a lot in this blog post about cookies and cake. I think we may have a problem.) Megan would like to report that she made it to the gym five times this week, which means she gets to eat five times as many cookies as the average human this weekend. 

In other news, our back yard is almost done!!! We can't even begin to explain how happy we are! The hardest part is done. Now we need to add some plants and patio furniture and maybe a shade and a few more embellishments. We definitely feel like we should get gold star for adulting this week. Or maybe just another cookie or two...(There we go again with the cookie talk! We might need someone to stage an cookie intervention soon.) 

Lastly, we found this post about a photographer who decided to have some fun with his camera and shoot some Legos! In case you didn't know, Legos are EVERYWHERE in our house, including in the middle of our bedroom floor in the middle of the night. But this is family establishment, so we'll keep the salty language to a minimum. It was only natural to get inspired and shoot some Legos ourselves! Eli has been expressing interest in taking photos recently, and what better way to teach him the basics of photography, than with a Lego styled shoot! He had his first introductory lesson yesterday and he did great!

We are so excited to be taking some photos of some amazing moms this weekend for our Mother's Day Mini Session Giveaway, so keep an eye on the blog next week for that!

All that to say, if you don't hear from us by Monday, the cookies may have been too much for us. The dark side of the force was too strong. Have a safe and wonderful weekend!