It's here! Another weekend! If you didn't catch our first Fri-Yay! Weekly Recap!, you can find it here! WE love Fridays because it means another week has passed and we are one step closer to conquering our goals and we've had one more week to learn a few more things (also, weekends are just kinda yea...).  We have a busy weekend ahead. Some work, some play, and defiantly some family time!

Did you know we have a Pinterest Board??? We LOVE Pinterest (Ok, Megan loves Pinterest. The only "pinning" James does is when he eats too many of Megan's World Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies and has to "pin" his pants. True story.) Megan loves to pin cute outfits, wedding ideas, photo inspiration as well as some fun house decorating awesomeness. We love connecting with our clients to see what they love, so if you have a Pinterest account we would love to follow you! Speaking of inspiration, how beautiful are some of these pins!

Messy up dos with floral hair pieces are some of our favorites! We love how they add a bit of romance to your wedding! 

Or how about 35 ways to use Succulents at your wedding?! Arizona is full of beauty and adding these gorgeous desert plants to your big day sets you apart and adds a natural, organic feel to any occasion!

This week we celebrated the last of Olivia's birthday celebrations! Somehow she ended up with like 3 birthday "celebrations." Apparently April is now Olivia's birthday "month." Instead of a party, she wanted to go to the American Girl Store. She wanted to have lunch and shop...I can't imagine where she learned that from (If you answered'd be wrong). So we donned our prettiest dresses, slapped on some lip gloss, threw on her new "high heels," and we took that store by storm! If you haven't been to an American Girl Store, you need to go! Well...if you are allergic to pink or can't stand the sight of adorable, miniaturized bathtubs and toothbrushes, then it might not be for you. But, if you have a little girl, or you were once a little girl who loved American Girl dolls (Die hard Felicity fan right here! For the record, Megan made me write that), then you need to go to one and check it out. We ate, we shopped, and then we had frozen yogurt because there's always time for dessert. We got our fill of pinkalicious, miniaturized ice cream parlors and walked out of there feeling a little more like princesses!

We also finished filling up our frames with new pictures from the last few months. We are slightly obsessed with printing up our photos. We've said it before, and I'm sure we'll say it again, but it's so important to us to have physical photos printed! With the proliferation of smartphones and cellphone cameras, we take so many photos of our kids and our family these days. But we always find it such a shame when we keep them on our computers or camera rolls forever and we never get the joy of seeing those faces in print! We strongly encourage all of our clients to print out their photos, put them in frames, put them on your fridge, or make a photo book! There are so many printing options these days that enable you to get those photos off your phone and into a beautiful frame or on a gorgeous canvas. We promise they will make you happy and put a smile on your face if you do. There's something about a physical printed picture that no screen will ever be able to reproduce!

That's all for now! Wishing you all a safe and wonderful weekend!