Oh this session... it was one of those sessions that was practically perfect in every way! We felt like it was singing sweet nothings in our ears the whole time we were out there! We love the desert in spring, all the yellow trees (that make Megan sneeze like crazy) are blooming, the sun is out but its not too hot, and the breeze is to die for. We had such a great time with Danielle and Ricky and their sweet girls. They were so fun and relaxed the whole time and we could tell they were having so much fun hanging out with one another, that they almost forgot we were there! These sweet newlyweds were a dream to work with because they are so madly in love which was so inspiring and made our job so easy!  Danielle and Megan worked together to help pick out the perfect outfits for everyone and we think Danielle did such a wonderful job.  I mean any time you put two adorable cuties in boots and dresses its a win!

Little Miss K is due in June and we are super excited to meet her and her sweet face. We just know that she will be one loved little girl, not only by her parents but her big sisters! Thank you guys so much for allowing us to capture your family, we are so blessed by it and are counting down the days until Miss K makes her debut!