We were going to write this post last night buuuuuut...Megan fell asleep on the couch at 8:00.  Yes, you read that correctly... 8:00. We wish we could say that was a fluke or a random onslaught of over sleepiness, but, alas, it is not so. If fact, more often than not, it is rare she can stay up past 9 or 10 on most nights. Who knows? In a year or two we might be eating dinner at 3pm and yelling grumpily at the TV from our La-Z-Boy chairs about the state of "kids these days!" It seems inevitable at this point.  

This week Eli made cookies for us and are happy to report they are ALMOST as good as Megan's. Is cookie making genetic? Either way, he is following in the tradition of epic cookie making nicely. While we LOVE it, we will need to up our gym game in order to balance out our cookie game. The struggle is real.


Olivia is almost done with her second year of Ballet and we're not quite sure Megan has what it takes to be a dance mom. She spent an hour yesterday marking calendars with important dates like picture days, rehearsals, and recital times to remember. We also found out that our six year old needs more makeup for her recital than a circus clown. We might need to hire George Clooney and Brad Pitt to run a highly coordinated heist of our local MAC counter....kidding, not kidding! And then we'll have to figure out how to do some cosmetic jiu-jitsu to put this stuff on. This wasn't in the parenting manual...was it?!

Next big thing on our plate will be putting in a back yard because right now it looks like Tarzan might come knock on our back door at any moment. There is some legit foliage action happening back there right now. Not to mention the fact that we've worn out like 17 brooms sweeping up all the dust and dirt the kids track into the house! We are researching a few landscapers as we speak who can do what we need on a limited budget (does anyone know of a landscaper we can pay in cookies?), but we can't wait to drink coffee in our little oasis very soon. Don't worry, we will defiantly post a before and after as soon as its done!

We love this video, of a fellow wedding photographer.

His ninja dance skills are off the charts, yo.  So many of you have shared it with us on our FaceBook page that we wanted to share it with everyone! It seriously cracks us up every time. This week James has made it his personal goal to perfect the 360-spin/back flip move. Truth be told, he's almost there. However, we can't be held responsible for any injuries, broken equipment, or scarred psyches that may result.

Speaking of moves, Megan made it to the gym 5 times this week (If you're keeping score at home, Cookies: 1 or maybe 10 but who's counting?!, Gym: 5).

She has been working out since July busting her butt (literally...have you ever tried to do sit-ups on asphalt? No? Then you obviously haven't lived!), as well as her legs, arms, stomach, back, and every other body part you can imagine (and even some you can't imagine). Normally she makes it 3-4 days a week but for some reason, this week she decided to channel her inner Schwarzenegger. She's already stated that we are all out of luck if we need anything done upstairs because she can't walk. We're just worried she'll start yelling "Get to the chopper!" loudly in an Austrian accent and want to run for Governator of California (pronounced Cal-eeeee-for-nya) if she keeps it up much longer.

We also found out this week that we can finally post the photos from the Amy and Jordan Workshop Megan attended in January! We cannot wait to show you! The attention to detail by all the wonderful vendors was incredible. This real life couple was so sweet and adorable! I love that they were able to get beautiful pictures done even though they are busy parents. Its so important to get in front of the camera and reconnect with your spouse. We strongly believe everyone should do it. Stay tuned next week when we blog this beautiful session.

Lastly, don't forget to enter a deserving mother it into our mothers day mini session giveaway! We want to bless a mom who needs to remember how much her family loves her and that everything she does is appreciated and valued! We love moms and want to serve them in some small way since they are so good at serving all of us! Enter your mom or book a session today! 

Have a great weekend, hug your family, and get in a picture!