We've said it before, and we're about to say it again: Mothers need get in front of the camera. We've seen it happen far too many times during our photo shoots. Mom's are the ones brushing hair, making sure collars are straight, and licking their fingers to wipe a bit of dirt off of children's faces. More often than not, mothers are the ones standing behind the camera, telling everyone to smile, while making goofy noises, and silly faces to try and coax those "real" smiles.

We understand, photo shoots can be slightly stressful affairs. We do our best to calm everyone's nerves over the course of the session, but that still doesn't take away the urge to get that "perfect" shot. And too often we see that mom misses out on that perfect shot, because she's too busy serving the rest of the family. Mothers are the most selfless human beings on the planet. They spend every waking moment serving and sacrificing for someone else, and a lot of times, photo shoot day is no different.

That's why every year we try and give back, just a little bit, to the funny faced, goofy sounding, face licking moms out there and this year is no exception! On Sunday May 1st, we are donating a free Mother's Day mini session to a couple amazing moms. We want to give the mom or She doesn't have to be "super-mom", because, well, in our humble opinions, every mom is "super-mom." Every mom deserves at least one day a year (preferably more than one!) to be treasured, cherished, and served like she does every other day of the year. If you know a mom who you feel needs a little extra recognition and appreciation, then head on over to our Facebook page, share our Mother's Day mini session giveaway post, and nominate someone in a comment! If you are selected as our winner, the nominee and the amazing mom you nominate will receive a free Mother's Day mini session! And when you're done doing that, go hug your mom and tell her she's awesome!