This family is seriously amazing. Never before have we met a family who is so willing to serve those around them and give back to those in need. We have known Aaron and Olyvia for a few years now, and about once a month or so, we both find babysitters and head out on the town for a double date. We honestly have to say we look forward to our double date every month because they are kind of like our spirit couple. They are like us in so many ways, it's kind of creepy. Every time we go out with them it's a blast. Last month, we actually got ready for our Pottery Class a week early, we got all dressed up, our babysitter arrived and we were standing around waiting for Aaron and Olyvia to show up. After waiting for a few minutes, we texted them and asked how long it would be until they got to our house, and they responded that they would be there promptly in a week, which was the original date we had scheduled to go out! Whoops! It seems we were so excited to go hang out that we just didn't want to wait another week.

Either way, when they asked us to take their family pictures, we absolutely couldn't say no! It was so much fun seeing their family all together and looking amazing. We love them and it was an honor to serve them and photograph their beautiful blue eyed beauties!