Well we survived another year of an insane amount of energy, and a sugar rush that would put Willy Wonka to shame...all in the name of free candy and memories. This year we had Super Mario, a Cowgirl, and Bumblebee the Transformer!  Eli wins for funniest costume (which was a tad too small, #momfail...we just can't seem to get him to stop growing!), Olivia wins for cheapest and cutest (naturally), and Titus wins for being the coolest (he loved those muscles, if you can't tell). We took the kids over to their friends' house and enjoyed walking around with a dinosaur (T-Rex more specifically...we asked), Luke Skywalker (from episode 4...according to Eli this was an important disctinction), a Pirate Fairy, a police man and Spider man. Even some of the adults jumped in, with an appearance from Rey from Star Wars, and ANOTHER Luke Skywalker (albeit from episode 6), and even a little BB-8! We were quite the crew and had so much fun!

We got to relive our own memories of walking around neighborhoods, clutching pillow cases, and getting way too much candy! There were so many people out and about it really was a fantastic time, and we drove away thinking "Now that's what Halloween is SUPPOSED to be like!" We got to hang out with good friends, family, and a bunch of other weirdos in costumes just for fun! The only bad part of the night was getting locked out and someone (who will remain nameless) had to show off their Crossfit skills and bust down a door. Never fear though, that same individual also has some crazy good handy man skills and fixed the door in less than an hour. 

We hope everyone else had a fantastically fun and safe Halloween like we did! We also decided that, because we had so much fun this year, we might just have to dress up ourselves next year! If you have any suggestions, let us know!