What can we say about this week other than it's over and we're sorta glad? We survived sick kids and missed school, but the beginning of another month upon us! So we are saying, goodbye September! Hello October! Nothing against September, but usually by the time it rolls around, we're done with the heat and we're ready for cooler weather and fall family sessions! Not to mention Pumpkin Spice everything. Seriously pumpkin spice has like taken over the internet so we're jumping on the bandwagon y'all (insert James' frowny face here..."Ugh, pumpkin spice is gross")! We are so excited about these next two months. We can't wait to see so many new and old faces and hug all you beautiful people, because...well...one of our friends told us this week that we aren't "huggers" so it's time to change the gameplan around here and practice our huggin' skills. We'll be ready for hugger prime time come January. You can count on it.

October means...COOLER WEATHER! Hallelujah!  This means breakfast and dinner outside and we are super excited about that! Last May we did a backyard refresh and since then its been hot so we haven't had a chance to really enjoy it. So now that it's nice outside its like we've come out of reverse hibernation! As much as we love swimming and summer, this weather has our hearts all aflutter and is so refreshing! No more vitamin D deficiency around here! Woot woot! 


We took the plunge and sent out our first ever newsletter last week and we were blown away at the response! We truly appreciate the heck out of each and every one of our clients and we are so excited to be getting back into the crazy madness of the fall portrait season.

With that said, we have some good news and bad news...which do you want first?! Ok, bad news first. Like we said, we got such an overwhelming response from our last newsletter that our Mini Session dates are completely full! Crazy, right?! Within a week we completely booked all of our available mini session times! Did we mention how awesome our clients are? Sadly, we had to turn some of you away because we just didn't have anymore room!

Now for the good news! We seriously can't disappoint you all. We just love you too much. More than a few of you have asked if we were going to open up any more dates for mini sessions and who are we to say no?! You asked, so we delivered!

We have added just ONE last date for mini sessions to the calendar! This is it people! And we mean it this time! So if you need that extra special Christmas card family photo this year, you better hop to it and set up your mini session ASAP! All of our other mini session dates filled up within a week, so you can expect this final date to fill up in a couple days.

Our final date for mini sessions will be:


Seriously don't wait. These mini session spots won't last long.

And don't forget, if mini sessions aren't your thing, you can always book the super high-end, luxury, personalized, ultra-awesome, deluxe full session experience complete with a super fun Premier Night including cocktails and dessert! Check out our investment page for details!

Have a great weekend! We're off to soccer games, laundry, time with friends, and the start of fall sessions!