Hi Friends! It's Fri-yay and we are excited for another weekend! 

Last week we shared our secret about being nervous to get in front of the camera for our family photo shoot. We (ok, just Megan) couldn't figure out what to wear and we stressed about whether or not our outfits would look good. Well we are happy to report that our session went amazing!  Mostly because of our amazing Photographer Lauren, of Lunabear Studios, was absolutely charming and put up with our crazies like a boss! We are now waiting on pins and needles for our photos to come back and its given us a taste of our own medicine because...We. Are. Dying. To. See. Them. We may or may not be stalking our email and Facebook to see if she's posted any.

Wednesday we talked about how to take better photos with your phone. Most people whip out their phones and just hit the button and don't think twice about it! We understand that not everyone has the time to invest in lighting courses, composition seminars, exposure triangle tutorials, or advanced editing techniques. But that doesn't mean your phone photos have to look horrible!! So instead of you investing tons of hours and dollars to learn loads of super fancy photo techniques, we have decided to help you guys out and share some of our favorite tips! Go read it, you will be glad you did!

Busy portrait season means, client orders are rolling in and we are LOVING it! It's seriously like Christmas morning every time FexEx or UPS rolls up...except the presents aren't for us, they're for our beautiful clients! The quality of these prints are amazing and the colors are perfectly precise!  We love them so much, the struggle is real to not keep them all to ourselves! Keep your eyes open for some more sneak peeks of product orders. They are all beautiful and will be such a great addition to your home!

Finally, we're excited to say that IT'S UPGRADE TIME! We have a couple lenses for sale because we are committed to using the best possible equipment we can to give our clients the best possible images we can! That said, we are selling a couple of our old lenses that we don't really use anymore so that we can buy ourselves a shiny new one. We have a Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 and a Canon 50mm f/1.4 for sale. Both are great upgrades from the average kit lens you probably got with your camera. They are both in great condition and come with original boxes and accessories. If you want one of these little beauties, we'll even throw in a FREEBIE 30-60 minute mentoring session to teach you the basics of your camera! All you gotta do is shoot us an email and they're yours!

That's all from us! Have a safe and happy weekend everyone! :-)